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At La Panzanella® Artisanal Foods Co. we are inspired by time-honored recipes. Our delectable crackers and cookies make any meal or snack memorable—whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just reveling in daily life.

Croccantini® Artisan Crackers

Our light and crisp Croccantini crackers bring a simple yet sophisticated elegance to both uncomplicated recipes, and the most refined menus. Our crackers are the root of who we are, and what we strive to become. Inspired by time-honored tradition, Croccantini help make every occasion memorable.

Croccantini Usage Ideas: Artfully stacked, elegantly topped, or as the centerpiece of a breadbasket with your favorite cheeses.

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La Panzanella 6oz and 8oz Packaging

Gluten-Free Oat Thins

Our Gluten-Free Oat Thins are hand-crafted with simple and wholesome Certified Gluten-Free ingredients. Made with your family’s snacking needs in mind. Savor their crisp texture and the delightful blend of nutty oats and subtle spices.

Oat Thins Usage Ideas: Gracefully topped with soft cheese, paired with hummus, or lightly dolloped with fruit spreads.

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La Panzanella Gluten Free Oat Thins

Dolcetini® Artisan Cookies

Our delicate Dolcetini cookies bring an enchanting decadence into your home, reminding us all what it's like to enjoy a rich and creamy dessert. Savor them in a number of classic flavors inspired by staple ingredients any baker would admire.

Dolcetini Usage Ideas: Relish as a dessert, with tea or coffee, or as a tasty treat all on their own.

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