La Panzanella Deli Cracker Updates Package Design to Debut Recipe Change

LaPanzanella Original Sea Salt 6oz Packaging

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La Panzanella’s new Croccantini cracker package redesign showcases the product inside and emphasizes its latest recipe update.

Baked goods brand La Panzanella has cooked up a new look to coincide with an ingredient update for its Croccantini flatbread crackers.

The Washington-based CPG switched to 100% extra virgin olive oil for the eight-flavor line of crackers and introduced simplified packaging graphics with a “Baked with Extra Virgin Olive Oil” call-out to broadcast the change, according to a release from the brand.

“By continuing to evolve our package design and improve our quality with ingredients our customers care about, such as shifting to 100% extra virgin olive oil, we believe we will continue to be a top choice for all occasions sharing life, love, and food,” says Tera Trihey, creative director at La Panzanella.

The latest ingredient switch may be new, but the design, developed in-house by Trihey and La Panzanella U.S. Director of Marketing Steve Lorenz, came as a gradual evolution over a few years.

“The La Panzanella package refresh really began as a phased approach in late 2021 as we transitioned to a resealable pack,” Trihey explains. “This transition initiated the move to a more simplified design with cleaner graphics, which continues to evolve today.”

LaPanzanella Garlic 6oz Packaging
The brand’s package redesign began with the addition of a resealable function in 2022.

The brand’s design goals started with research on consumer interests, leading to the launch of the resealable pack in 2022.

Consumers also showed interest in seeing more of the Croccantini cracker product itself, “including the instantly recognizable artisan edges and golden bubbles,” Trihey explains.

“This pushed us to pivot further to clean, simple on-pack graphics, allowing the crackers themselves to become the hero,” she says.

The new design preserves brand assets like existing color cues. It removes the word ‘Mini’ from the pack, and instead places greater emphasis on the Croccantini name (Italian for “crunchy little bite”) followed by the flavor name.

“This allowed us to maintain not only a clean but also a clear, visually appealing pack ultimately showcasing the crackers, circling attention from brand, to product, to flavor, and to the latest news, our ‘Baked with Extra Virgin Olive Oil’ claim,” Trihey says.

Side view of the Croccantini Package
The “Baked with Extra Virgin Olive Oil” is present on the front and side of each pack.

“Made with Olive Oil” came up as a top 10 preferred claim for consumers shopping in the category, which Trihey says supports the brand’s confidence in consumer reception for the change.

Between the new focus on the artisan-style crackers and the extra virgin olive oil callout, the refresh “reinforces the authenticity and humble Italian roots of the La Panzanella brand and is a great way for us to add value and increase quality for consumers,” Trihey says.

The product’s price remains unchanged at an average retail selling price of $5.50, and the product can be found in the deli section near the artisan meats and cheeses at retailers across the country.

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