Available in a shareable, resealable 6oz size and a convenient 3oz size.

Oven baked in a variety of epicurean flavors, Croccantini crackers add artisan character to everyday snacking and special occasions.

3oz and 6oz Croccantini®

Case Ct / Unit Weight:12 x 3oz or 6oz

Kosher Icon Non GMO Verified Icon Vegan Icon
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Low Fat
  • Baked in a variety of epicurean flavors, and packed in convenient 3oz and 6oz sizes
  • La Panzanella® Croccantini 6oz sizes in RESEALABLE PACKAGING
LaPanzanella Original Sea Salt 6oz Packaging

Original Sea Salt

UPC: 659000406048

LaPanzanella Rosemary 6oz Packaging


UPC: 659000406000

LaPanzanella Pepper 6oz Packaging

Cracked Pepper

UPC: 659000406031

LaPanzanella Garlic 6oz Packaging

Roasted Garlic

UPC: 659000406055

La Panzanella Sesame 6oz Packaging

Toasted Sesame

UPC: 659000406024

La Panzanella Multigrain 6oz Packaging


UPC: 659000406093

LaPanzanella Whole Wheat 6oz Packaging

Whole Wheat

UPC: 659000406086

La Panzanella Sprouted Grain 6oz Packaging

Sprouted Grain

UPC: 659000741064

Original Sea Salt

UPC: 659000403047


UPC: 659000403009

Roasted Garlic

UPC: 659000403054

8oz Full-Size Croccantini

Case Ct / Unit Weight:12 x 8oz

  • Reminiscent of flatbread, our Croccantini are meant to be broken by hand and shared with love
  • Available in our best-selling flavors: Original Sea Salt and Rosemary

Original Sea Salt

UPC: 659000400046


UPC: 659000400008


See Case Ct Below

  • Complement a variety of occasions with our Foodservice Croccantini cracker options
  • Available in 8oz trays, 8oz full-size Croccantini, bite-sized bags and on-the-go snack packs


Case Ct / Unit Weight:
12 x 8oz

Flavor Item #
Original Sea Salt 74165
Rosemary 74160
Cracked Pepper 74170
Multigrain 74175

Full Size

Case Ct / Unit Weight:
10 x 8oz

Flavor Item #
Original Sea Salt 74530
Rosemary 74520


Resealable Pouch

Case Ct / Unit Weight:
6 x 20oz

Flavor Item #
Original Sea Salt 74475
Rosemary 74480
Multigrain 74485

Original Sea Salt

Case Ct / Unit Weight:
175 x .58oz

UPC: 659000401180


Case Ct / Unit Weight:
175 x .58oz

UPC: 659000401142


Case Ct / Unit Weight:
175 x .58oz

UPC: 659000401173

Display Racks and Shippers

Ask about our display shippers and racks!

Dual Branded Rack

Empty La Panzanella and lesley stowe raincoast crisps dual branded rack holds approximately 3 cases / 36 packs each brand

72 Pack Rack

Empty La Panzanella branded rack holds approximately 6 cases / 72 packs

64 Pack Rack

La Panzanella 6oz Shipper with custom header holds 64 packs

48 Pack Rack

La Panzanella 3oz Shipper holds 48 packs

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