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Basket of Sesame Croccantini® Crackers

Our Story

Founded in 1990, La Panzanella®, known for its hearty peasant bread and homey cafe, quickly grew into one of the most popular bakeries in Seattle's Capital Hill area. Although the master bakers at La Panzanella® created all kinds... learn more

Low Fat Snacking

With only 1.5 grams of fat and 110 calories per serving, all natural La Panzanella Croccantini® crackers are the delightfully crispy snack you can enjoy without guilt!


"We were looking for something more sophisticated to offer our customers. It has a great profile and is Definitely seen as a higher-end product."
-Canlis Restaurant

"Tasters loved the authentic flavors and flaky texture..."
-Chicago Tribune

"Croccantini® are not oily tasting and goes nicely with a variety of cheeses and spreads."
-PCC Markets

"Great alone or as dippers."
-Bon Appetit Magazine

"Seattle cracker craze that's sweeping the nation. Perfectly crisp with nicely balanced wheat flavor, the crackers are excellent..."
-Gourmet Magazine

"We think this is a really unique product. People have really enjoyed it."
-Anthony's Pier 66 Restaurant

"Sometimes a cracker can just be a cracker, something that does not need to be dipped, coated, or topped. La Panzanella's croccantini are just that... Serve them as is and let guests break
them up."
-The Boston Globe

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About Madrona Specialty Foods

Seattle area-based Madrona Specialty Food's mission is to create uniquely crafted and always delicious artisan foods. From our all natural line of Italian Croccantini® crackers to our handmade candies our products are made with recipes and traditions handed down through generations and preserved today.

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